Sarri miffed with a few Chelsea supporters

Maurizio Sarri reckons that those spectators who come to the stadiums to watch the game and then pass derogatory remarks on the players are just idiot people. Recently when Liverpool was at Chelsea to play their Premiership encounter, there were some ugly remarks made on one of the visiting players Raheem Sterling and that didn’t amuse Sarri at all.

However according to Sarri, this is not the first time that he has come across any such incident. He experienced that when he was managing Napoli as well. There also a few spectators did this and he felt bad about it. It’s not new to him and it actually surprises him that people think these kinds of incidents happen in UK only because that’s not the case. The fact is that not every spectator does this, there are only a few people who are behind this and those few notorious elements are present in every part of the world, not just in UK. It happens in other leagues of Europe too and everybody should try and solve this issue because it’s not UK’s problem alone.

I am sometimes surprised that everybody asks to England the solution. There is not a solution. There are some stupid people in England, France, Italy….it is the same all over the world.” Sarri was quoted saying by SportsMail.

Chelsea actually performed wonderfully well against City who were at the top of the pile in the standings in the English top tier and had visited Chelsea undefeated in the league. But despite putting on a glorious performance and breaking the undefeated streak of the league leaders, all the talks post the game were only about the behavior of the home supporters and not about how Chelsea dominated. It completely took the gloss off the home side’s performance.