Ricardo Carvalho undercuts Antonio Conte´s latest achievement

The latest accomplishment in the world of football that Antonio Conte has done is securing the 2016-17 edition of the English Premier League season at the helm of Chelsea.

It´s actually a very impressive feat for the Italian manager to do as Chelsea had previously finished at the 10th spot during the 2015-16 season but with the arrival of Antonio Conte, he was able to guide them to the trophy which is remarkable for any manager to do and especially for one who was going through his debut season in charge of a club.

This is one of the main reasons of why Antonio Conte is being so highly rated and praised as he sparked life back to Chelsea, from the 10th spot to the champions in a debut season for a club is something that not many managers have been able to do but Conte is part of that few.

However, the former Chelsea player Ricardo Carvalho believes that Antonio Conte actually did not play so much of a role and that the majority of the credit should be given to the players themselves.

¨The truth is that Chelsea has great players too. They were champions with Mourinho. The next year things did not go well, but the players are there. The players, who have been champions, most are there¨

¨And so, of course, Conte has merit too because he changed the team’s strategy a bit, but most of the players who were champions with Mourinho were there. So quality and talent were there. And this season, fortunately, they are playing well and will manage to win again; at least they are well on the way¨ Ricardo Carvalho said.

Ricardo Carvalho did not give so much praise towards the actual manager and instead he went on saying that the Italian tactician already had a squad which had won the Premier League a few years ago.