Various European leagues are now going English with more teams able to compete for the title. In the Premier League, no one can exactly say who would win the title next season.

Not too long ago, it was Manchester United, then Manchester City, Chelsea, Leicester City and now back to Chelsea.

No one can certainly guess who would be the winner when the season resumes in August. And more and more European leagues are going this way. The Ligue 1 went to a young Monaco squad this year and many did not see it coming as PSG were the best and only guess.

In Italy and Germany, the strategy of killing off competition by buying their best players or letting money work is still effective. But teams would eventually stall that story – Monaco did it to PSG.

Monaco are an established elite French club. The club was taken over by Russian billions in 2011 when the club sunk to a new low. They started rebuilding, moving back to the top flight. The club spent almost £150 million getting RadamelFalcao, Eric Abidal, Ricardo Carvalho, James Rodriguez, Joao Moutinho and many others. Those that joined for free asked for and got huge salaries despite residents in the city not paying income tax.

The other clubs protested that Monaco were using the legal lapses to their advantage, and obviously PSG were quite vocal. Then the Financial Fair Play rules started coming into serious play. And then issues with dwindling revenues, and the club benefactor’s personal problems.

Monaco were forced to amend transfer policies, develop effective youth policies and build strong mentality in the team. They even lured PSG’s head of youth development. They worked hard in overhauling the whole infrastructure with focus on proper football. The end was obvious.

PSG would try and fight them for the title next season but no one can certainly say they would succeed. That’s the whole point! Bayern Munich and Juventus are surely going to retain their titles but things would change someday.