The Glory Of Euros Cannot Be Forgotten For Carvalho

Ricardo Carvalho, the former Portugal star feels that his country could have followed the heroics of 2016 in the World Cup Finals. The Portugal champion was in the Portuguese team 2 years back in the final to achieve the title of the European Championships.  However, he watched from afar as Ronaldo and his team looked to give it their best in the World Cup against Spain. The Spanish did have turbulence in the past few days as the Real Madrid coach was sacked and replaced with Fernando Hierro. As per Carvalho, when you have the famous Euro 2016 boss on board, the spirit in the camp doubles up to have a good tournament ever.

The 40 year old Carvalho said they had a good coach and the team which is indeed important. Last month, he was busy working on the UEFA B Coach License. The main reason for Portugal doing well brilliantly in the Euros was due to the team bonding and coordination in all tournaments. There are several good sides at a World Cup, but as far as Portugal is concerned, the motto has always been to obtain best results sooner with confidence and luck.

There is no denying that Carvalho has had best times in Northern Ireland, although he got to learn a lot from the IFA coaches and his fellow students. Tiago Mendes became one of his good friends during the tenure. The experience you gain as a player always comes in use to manage things in the tournament as you clearly understand the game. The trick of the game is to understand and pass it on, which is quite a challenging task as per him. As a player you know what to do, but explaining the same to your team members is not easy. The IFA course in Northern Ireland gave the best learning experience to the Portugal star.