Ricardo Carvalho has been Handed a Sentence in the Prison for a Tax Fraud

Ricardo Carvalho who had played as a defender for the Blues and Real Madrid has been handled with a prison sentence for seven months and he was fined quite heftily for the crimes against the tax authority of Spain, the court of the same has confirmed this in the media. This comes in the wake of a lot of tax fraud cases opening up in Spain in particular and Europe in general.

According to the law in the country, the duration of the sentence will be less than two years for a crime that is non – violent and at the same time, rarely will the culprit have to serve jail time if he/she had not been convicted before for something else.

The defender had played for Real Madrid between the years, 2010 and 2013, and the tax hiding from the player had occurred in two years, in 2011 and in 2012 and he had avoided close to 600,000 Euros in tax as a result. He now plays for the Shanghai club in China.

The amount was returned by the player soon after he was charged and because he admitted to the crime in the court, the severity of the sentence on the player was reduced from serving time in the jail with a fine amounting close to 300,000 in Euros.

Lionel Messi has also come from a similar case in Spain since his playing time in Barcelona, where had had hid around 4.2 million Euros in the taxes to provide to the country. This legendary player had been handed a prison sentence of 21 months. Also, Ronaldo has been charged with the tax fraud, but there was no legal action or jail sentence given to this player.